19 Creative Activities that Spark Magic and Fun Reading for Kids

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Reading is an integral part of a child’s development. As parents, your prime duty is to let them experience the love for reading. While still young at age,books for kids you should take this chance to shape their minds and even make reading story books a habit.

However, in sea of video games and mobile devices, to hook your little one’s attention may become tough work. That’s why when it comes to reading books for kids, they can get so easily distracted and often get reluctant to turn a page.

That’s why we are here to give you unique ideas and doable reading activities for your kids to fall in love with reading. Check the list below:

1. Start a book scavenger hunt at home. Set up a treasure hunt game once a week. Let them find some treasured books, leaving some clues and challenges related to the book’s story for them to uncover.

2. Keep kids glued to a favorite author. Encourage your kids to pick their favorite book and their favorite author. Ask your kid to write a fan letter to the author.

customes that speak book's story3. Use nifty props and costumes. Level up your kid’s imagination by wearing costumes that speak of the book’s story, become a mascot, or add visual aids and other props during reading hour.

4. Read a book too. Kids see you as a role model. Once they’ll see you reading a good book, they will be encouraged to read a book as well.

5. Plan a library trip. Go on a special date with your little one to your local library. Indulge them for an hour or two just reading stories.

6. Do a book-only shopping. Together with your kids, you can go out for a special time and browse for some children’s titles in the bookstore.

setup a cozy reading space7. Set up a cozy reading space. Make a cozy reading nook for your kids. You can decorate your bookshelf and set the mood with bright wall paints.

8. Keep your kids involved. Fuel your kid’s excitement by having an author sign a book for them. Or you can attend children’s book events with some fun activities.

9. Join fun local library events. Creative readings, puppet shows, drawing and coloring sessions, and cool craft activities—immerse your kids in these library activities.

10. Schedule a storytelling time. Before bedtime or at the start of the day, you can do a book reading a routine for your kids.

10.	Schedule a storytelling time

11. Stash books in every corner of your home. Make lots of books available to them—in the room, living room, porch. But don’t tell them to read it; relax and wait for them to flip one open.

12. Read comics and digital books. Let your kids discover their love for reading by providing and reading them other types of books.

13. Pick an interactive children’s book. Fold, press, flip, poke, and sketch, there are various board books and colorful and interactive books available in bookstores.

14. Begin cuddle time with a book. Make a moment where you can snuggle and read with him on your lap. Read the story loud and clear.

15. Wrap a book as a present. Books can be gifts too. Purchase a book they really, really love to read, and encourage them to keep them as treasures.

17.	Bring books whenever and wherever16. Reward with movie nights. Most children’s book today have been turned into movies. After reading the book, you can then enjoy the movie adaptation together.

17. Bring books whenever and wherever.Treat books as candies. Bring them wherever you go—to the park, garden, doctor’s office, or even in the car.

18. Do a silly or fancy voice-over while reading. Read with variations. You can excite your kids through changing your tone, accent, and pace while you read.

19. Immerse in a book series.Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Anne of Green Gables, and Alice of Wonderland—allow your kids to read books in a series so they will be encouraged to read more.

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