About Amelia Book Company

Amelia Book Company is a result of two year’s worth of passion and hard work. Beginning in late 2014 as a simple compilation of blogs and guest posts submitted by teaching professionals, children’s writers, graphic artists, and artwork illustrators, Children’s Publishing, as the website was collectively called, has now grown officially into a self-publishing company.

What formerly centered on topics about writing for toddlers, empowering children, improving family relationships, and raising teens, alongside tips on drawing for comics and graphic novels is now a full-fledged publishing company with a focus on children’s books, whether they are in black and white or in full-color.

What started out as a regular gathering of ideas has now become a children’s book company composed of professionals from varied fields ready to enjoin authors and aspiring writers to help shape early childhood to middle childhood development.

As we celebrate this milestone, Amelia Book Company reaffirms its commitment to telling wonderful stories to children and kids at heart, and lending magic to every author’s dream of publishing a children’s book.

All About Amelia

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Amelia Wright. Her large, round eyes would gleam with an adorable curiosity because of her natural interest in learning about things and people around her.

Gifted with a sunny smile and a cheery disposition, Amelia also possesses a charming and smart streak. There is nothing Amelia loves more than sunshine and sweets, daydreaming and scribbling, playtime and reading for she was no ordinary pretty, playful, precocious tot.

Enter the world of crayons and cookies, ABCs and 123s, lullabies and nursery rhymes, and join Amelia in her lil, fun adventures.

Jump-start the ABCs of your children’s book with Amelia Book Company.

We are your one-stop shop for the building blocks of publishing your children’s book. From professional editorial services to creative illustrations suited to the story you are telling, Amelia Book Company will transform your creation to a work of art.

Amelia Book Company - Amelia Character - Sitting

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