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6 Children’s Books about Dental Hygiene

Children’s book authors, and even dental hygienists, must fill the need to pluck parents’ frustration on dental hygiene, from teaching the importance of dental health to preventing dental pain. Because, yes, we all love to see that sparkly white teeth of our kids when they smile. By crafting relevant books for kids, the process would ... Read More »

Voice It Out: Children’s Books for Speech Development

A child needs to develop skills in speech and language in order to communicate with others. He should be able to express his thoughts and feelings through talking, comprehend what others mean through adequate understanding, and analyze situations through proper information processing. Usually, speech disorders are manifested by a child’s difficulty in speaking words clearly, ... Read More »

Why Are Children’s Books Illustrations Important for Young Readers

Illustrations in children’s books are meant to tell a story that words cannot show. Given that kids can get quickly bored, illustrated books make reading more enjoyable. That’s why kids need a blend of art and storytelling, rather than a book chock-full of words. As authors, the beauty of children’s books must be seen on ... Read More »

7 of the Best Children’s Books about Love that Inspire You to Write

From rhymes to illustrations, a children’s book is an incomparable gift for kids, as it fosters a lifetime’s love for books and teaches about what matters in life—like love. Yes, through writing a children’s book about love, you have the chance to shape young lives. Take inspiration from these beautifully written and illustrated children’s books ... Read More »

7 Ways to Make Children’s Story Illustrations More Magical

What’s so fascinating about a children’s book? A good story, the unique play of words and colors, and captivating story book illustrations—for children, storytelling becomes more exciting and magical with all these combined. Fairy tales turn into inspiration and characters, friends.   Bring magic to your story with these seven simple ways to illustrate a ... Read More »

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