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5 Famous Children’s Book Illustrators and Authors around the World

Reading is fun, especially when you start young. Thanks to our finest authors and illustrators who created wonderful books that still speak to the hearts of many until today. Can you name some of the famous children’s book illustrators and authors? Here are five children’s book authors and illustrators who have captured the hearts of ... Read More »

Infographic: Where to Start when Writing Your First Children’s Book

A wonderful children’s book never wears out nor does it fade away. The cover and pages may wane, but the story and color will always stay. Creating your first children’s book but don’t know where to start? Here are easy steps to help you get started with writing your first children’s book.     Make ... Read More »

5 Story Ideas for Kids That Give Magic to Your Book

When you visit the children’s section of a bookstore, you’ll probably see dozens of children’s books in the shelves, all wanting to be noticed and read. What makes these books thrive in the bookstore shelves? How do they draw a young reader’s attention, enough for them to be taken home and be read during bed ... Read More »

What Makes a Good Picture Book for Children?

As a children’s book author, knowing what makes a good picture book is the foundation of a successful story. Such as when you write novels or a self-help tome, the process can be grueling, but it can be fun, too, especially if it’s for children. If you have a story inside dying to go out, ... Read More »

19 Creative Activities that Spark Magic and Fun Reading for Kids

Reading is an integral part of a child’s development. As parents, your prime duty is to let them experience the love for reading. While still young at age, you should take this chance to shape their minds and even make reading story books a habit. However, in sea of video games and mobile devices, to ... Read More »

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