9 Quirky and Zany Children’s Book Ideas to Write About

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You think you’re ready to write a children’s book. It’s easy and short anyway, right? But as you try to think of something creative, your idea seems like dull and lifeless. To your frustration, no words ever comes out.

Children's Book Ideas

Writing a children’s book is deceptively simple—the simpler the subject, the more it becomes complicated. Because if you want to capture a child’s attention, you have to simplify the thought in stories, songs, and poems in a child’s own eyes.

Let us help you start your writing journey with these ideas for starting a children’s book.

1.	Fuzzy or adorable animal characters1. Fuzzy or adorable animal characters
Tales about animals are popular for kids. They adore little heroes like elephants, bears, rabbits, hippos, giraffes, lions, dogs, and squirrels. You can use these characters to tell an adventure.

2. Funny poems and sketches
It’s truly a priceless achievement when you can make kids giggle and smile through a story or illustration. Create imaginative characters and compose rich language. Understand that one of the key principles of writing a children’s book is to never bore kids to death, so write creatively and sketch colorfully.

3. Nursery rhymes or songs
Children also love rhyming words and fun songs. Obviously, the more catchy the composition is, the more it will stick to young readers’ mind. Develop a story,Nursery rhymes or songs write songs, and create rhyming words that are easy-to-follow and pleasant to the ears.

4. Inspirational and educational
Write about the world’s issues in a simple, subtle way. You can talk about global warming, aquatic pollution, mass deforestation, and other related environmental topics, or you can also immerse young readers in inspirational stories that promote kindness and forgiveness. Topics that inspire and educate kids are limitless.

5. Interactive and multi-sensory
Why not let kids lift, fold, search, and press the pages? Children’s books can be super fun when they are involved in the story. You can also create a children’s book that has pop-up pages.

6. Extraordinary adventures—space, sea, or jungle
You can develop a story about different places of adventures. Outer space or a different era and place make these more interesting and full of fantasy. Such stories kindle young kid’s adventurous spirits to explore life to the deepest beyond.

Extraordinary adventures

7. Social media and technology
Nowadays, kids can hardly leave their video games or technologies. So writing about these topics can be relatable and be very entertaining to them. Write about how these technologies can help people live life comfortably, rather than control them.

Overcoming challenges8. Overcoming challenges
Depression, hopelessness, abuse, and any other disorder or illness should be addressed at an early age. Books that talk about stories on how to step up and fight these horrid monsters can make children young fighters, and believe that it’s a serious threat for them. Just make sure to avoid heavy terms and use simple words.

9. Health and fitness
Children’s books can also be an avenue for fitness and hygiene, stories that encapsulate learning how to properly wash hands, how to take a bath, or how to stay healthy. These stories not only provide positive benefits for health, but also fun learning.

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