How Children’s Book Marketing and Publicity Help Communicate with the Readers

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Peddling your book to your target readers is grueling work, especially if you are a self-publisher. Children’s book authors are no exception to that reality. Even so, those who are under the wing of publishing houses still need to do their own children’s book marketing and publicity.

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In order to make sure that your children’s book reaches the right audience, you, at least, have to know the basic marketing techniques you can utilize in promoting your book.

Here are five clever ways to perform best in promoting your children’s book:

Press Release

When talking about the basics, your press release is the framework or foundation of your marketing efforts. Even when you do not have the money to do other marketing and promotional activities, a well-written press release for your children’s book can take you far.

Author’s Website with Feature Children’s Book

We are living in the digital age, so it makes sense to adapt with the times and take advantage of technology for your marketing purposes. An author’s website can help promote not only your current children’s book, but your name as an author and your future books as well. This is your imprint in the digital space. Of course, social media pages can also help, but your will need to have a base, where all the information you share in your social media pages come from.

SEO-Optimized Author’s Blog

Search engine optimization has been a favorite tool in online marketing, so it’s only smart to also utilize it in your marketing campaign. It will be better if this exists as one of the webpages of your author’s website so that the online traffic will help your website as well. SEO is best left to professionals, so be sure to look for online marketing companies with a good track record when it comes to optimizing brands and businesses.

Book Trailer

As innovations go, book trailers are ground-breaking materials to attract your target audience. This can especially work with your children’s book marketing and publicity. You can play with animation, design, color, and words, and sound to bring out the best elements of your children’s book. As long as you hire competitive and ingenious video editors, your book trailer can become a most useful promotional tool.


This can be the most playful part of your children’s book marketing and publicity. For a children’s book author, this can even be welcome work. You get to look into the elements that your young readers want, and you can turn your children’s book characters into plush toys, puzzles, t-shirts, tote bags, tumblers, and so much more. You can also look into current trends among kids and customize for your children’s book. This is an enjoyable endeavor that will put smiles on the faces of your young readers.


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