Why Are Children’s Books Illustrations Important for Young Readers

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Illustrations in children’s books are meant to tell a story that words cannot show. Given that kids can get quickly bored, illustrated books make reading more enjoyable. That’s why kids need a blend of art and storytelling, rather than a book chock-full of words.

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As authors, the beauty of children’s books must be seen on the poetic and rhythmic—sometimes touching and exciting—interplay of words and illustrations together.

Here are few reasons why well-drawn illustrations have a great impact in children’s books.

1. They serve to illuminate the story creatively.

A story must come first in children’s books. Since kids can’t fully recreate representation of the story from texts that most adults can, illustrations can do the trick. By blending colors and shapes, these illustrations give an idea of what the author is trying to say or what’s the story trying to convey. Illustrations simplify the story, while keeping the narrative appealing to the eyes of the child.

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2. It fosters children’s appreciation on art and literature—while they are still young.

No one can deny that kids adore bright and colorful images. Even at a young age, they can appreciate art. And with today’s call for valuing arts and literature, illustrations are the means to boost their creative spirit, and admire the works of art and beauty—artworks that are passionately created from our artists and authors.


3. They help kids learn something by participating.

Picture books can also be an interactive tool. Some of these may let you color a duck, make up crazy words, trace a banana, poke a bear’s nose, and more other unique ways to spark a kid’s participation. Books like these can make the children experience firsthand the flow of the story.


4. They spark children’s imagination and capture their attention.

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A good book can grab kid’s attention and will never let it go. Sure you’ve got a great story, but it doesn’t mean you can hook his attention alone through words. Illustrations give reading a sweet taste, and it means it can be fun and positively addicting.


5. Images are double the fun!

Indeed, great children’s books radiate illustrations that bring out the fun in the story. Only by looking at images in books kids know who is who. Without illustrations, kids wouldn’t appreciate the Grinch who stole Christmas, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, nor the other books that burst with colors and timeless characters. Simply put, words combined with images double the fun in reading.


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