Children’s Books Self-Publishing Benefits and Why You Should DIY

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The mind of a child is like a sponge. Reading age-appropriate books imparts values that stick with them well into adulthood. Let your stories be part of their growing up years. These children’s books self-publishing benefits will awaken and encourage the author in you.

childrens book self-publishing advantages

It’s within reach.

What are the self-publishing advantages? First of all, traditional publishing is extremely exclusive. If you’re still new to literature with nothing attached to your name, it’s very rare for agents to take a risk on you. When they finally do deem you worthy, years might have already elapsed. Is it even worth the wait? In self-publishing there are no untouchable gatekeepers and rejection slips. To become an author, you just have to want it.

It’s quick.

Producing your book the traditional way is at least a two-year affair. In self-publishing, by two months or even two weeks, you could already call yourself an author. If this children’s book is something you want to throw yourself at full-time, your book will be done in no time.

It’s hands-on.

If you’ve got an independent spirit, traditional publishing might not be for you. You could have crystal clear ideas about the direction you want your book to take, but they’ll still change it however they please. Even their input on the cover takes precedence over yours—the author! One of children’s books self-publishing benefits is the degree of control. With self-publishing, you’re going to have to do a lot yourself without the resources of big name publishers.


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To publish your own book, you will have to produce and promote it too. For marketing, have a presentable website and a presence on social media that will bridge the gap between you, your target readers, and their parents with the purchasing power. For that face-to-face human touch, contact your local school district informing them of your interest to read your work out loud in a classroom setting.

children’s books self-publishing benefits

It’s gratifying.

Let’s talk money—in self-publishing, you spend as little or as much as you want. If you are your own artist, you can save up on the costs in illustration and book cover design. You would then only have to spend for formatting, editing, ISBN, and distribution for less than a thousand dollars. The benefits to self-publishing is the Print-on-Demand model which translates to no inventory, no investment. Unlike offset printing, your book will never be just waiting unread in a shed, as a copy is only printed when a customer places an order for it. For selling as an e-book, it is even more affordable.

Then of course, there is the compensation. You keep a higher percentage of royalties when you self-publish. Traditional publishing may forward a cash advance, but you’ll have to repay that sum in sales or else you would have no earnings to go home with.


Whether you’ve always wanted to self-publish or traditional was more to your taste, we hope this guide helps you as an author. Indeed, children’s books self-publishing benefits far outnumber the disadvantages. Everything else in traditional publishing, self-publishing can do just as well—if not better.



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