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How to self-publish a children’s book? Here’s a handy FAQ of children’s book publishing we compiled to answer all your author questions.

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What is the age range of the audience?

Amelia Book Company caters to readers from 1 to 12 years old. Therefore, your story must have family-friendly content that can be understood and appreciated by children and parents. Our editorial assessment will determine how well your book will resonate with your target market.

How many pages should an illustrated children’s book have?

32 pages. This number sits at the Goldilocks zone of neither being too long nor too short, a standard expected and preferred by librarians and booksellers. There are no fixed rules on the word count and amount of accompanying pictures.

What is the ideal size for an illustrated children’s book?

In terms of industry standards, you can work with something as small as 5×8 inches and go up to 9×11 inches. Picture books lean toward the larger end of the spectrum because of the interplay between text and visuals. 8×10 inches is the most popular size. Take into account that each size will have different margin measurements and formatting needs.


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Do you offer any assistance in the making of the book?

Indeed, we do! This FAQ of children’s book publishing wouldn’t be complete without this query. Our authors have a lot on their plate and they will need a helping hand at one point or another. Amelia Book Company offers the following editorial services: developmental editing, a comprehensive look at your manuscript’s plot, characters, voice, pacing and theme with suggestions on how to improve it; copyediting, a technical look that involves correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes; and ghostwriting for those who would like a professional to write on their behalf.

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As for illustration, Amelia’s talented team of artists can complement your words with beautiful imagery. From the interiors to the cover, our range of packages can bring color and life to your story.
We also secure your own International Standard Book Number (ISBN) so your book can be catalogued in a network of books and be sold in bookstores.

Will my book be available in print or digital?

It can be both! We upload e-books and print hardcopies according to your preference. Because of the publishing industry’s changing trends and the new habits of readers, it is best that your book can be purchased in these two formats.

May this FAQ of children’s book publishing and self-publishing be helpful! We can’t wait to go on a literary journey with you. Click here to get started.


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