Frequently Asked Questions

Got queries about your children’s book and Amelia Book Company’s publishing process? We got you covered. Here’s a run-down of author concerns and our replies.

How many hard copies are printed?

The number of free copies you’ll receive depends on the publishing package and book format you’ve chosen. If you need more copies of your book, you may purchase additional copies using your exclusive author discount.

Do you publish in digital format?

E-books are an essential component of what Amelia Book Company offers. Our publishing packages include free-book conversion as well.

What are the differences of the editorial services?

Copyediting will improve the quality of the text while retaining the author’s tone and meaning.

Developmental editing is an extreme form of editing which helps shape your book’s character development, narrative arc, plot structure, pacing, voice, plausibility and all other aspects

Ghostwriting is the process of hiring a professional writer to create the content of a book on behalf of an author

For fully customized publishing service, does my manuscript have to go through editorial assessment and story evaluation?

Yes, all manuscripts have to go through editorial assessment and story evaluation. We want to ensure that it meets the standards of publishing. Your content should be for young audiences from 1 to 12 years old only.

Your content will also undergo a precursory diagnostic process where we read the whole book and examine it in detail. This is the basis as to which editorial service you need.

After the Story Evaluation and Editorial Assessment, the author will be informed which age group is the most appropriate audience for the manuscript.

How do I decide on my book’s cover?

We pride ourselves not only in our editorial expertise but also our creative artistry. You have the option to suggest the cover you like as illustrations and drawings are crucial to the essence of a children’s book. Send us images to help our designers get an accurate hold on what you want to be done. If you already have a study of the design, we can use that as well. Make sure drafts and images are at 300 dpi resolution.

How do I go about my ISBN registration?

ABC will acquire an ISBN and barcode for your book. This way, your children’s book can be tracked with ease upon publication.

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