Starting off with applying the necessary corrections and revisions, you children’s book is now ready to be released. See what happens during post-publication.


    • Wholesale and Retail – available on Amazon and other online retail stores
    • Short Run – available on Amazon and other online retail stores for a specific time only
    • ABC Website – available only in our website. Get the chance to earn higher royalties as book orders will direct.


    Your book is now ready for distribution. We provide the essential marketing tools and services, such as online marketing, promotional merchandise, magazine promotions, and professional book reviews.


    You will have access to your book’s sales and royalties. To calculate your book’s estimated royalty, Click Here

    Shipping and handling fees will be paid by the author. For rates, refer to Shipping and Handling Fees document. Should the author want other formats such has hardback, hardback + dustjacket and board, he/she must purchase any Package Upgrades.

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