During the publishing stage, you will need to know how we go about your book’s publication. Follow through your book’s progress by knowing these services.

EDITORIAL: Copyediting, Developmental Editing, Ghostwriting

COVER DESIGN: Author-Provided, Template-Based, Fully Customized

INTERIOR LAYOUT: Simple (fixed layout), Advanced (fixed layout + enrichments), Fully Customized

Illustration Sizes: Spot, Full page, Full spread
Illustration Levels: Scribble (flat, basic), Standard (basic with depth and dimension), Complex (full detail and texture)

ENHANCEMENT: This includes retouching, colorization, color correction, airbrushing, resizing and cropping, background effects, add text, and other artistic effects.
*Please ensure that you own copyrights of the illustrations or photos. Illustrations and photos must undergo and pass the story evaluation.

FORMAT: Paperback, Hardback, Hardback + Dustcover Jacket, Board

PROOFS: Digital, Physical

REGISTRATION: SBNs: Paperback, .epub, .mobi, .pdf

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