Audio Video Suite


Reach a wider market demographic when we transform your children’s book into audio format.

Standard (up to 10,000 words) $1,499
Distribution $199

Additional Background Music $649
Additional words per minute $0.18

Book Video Trailer Classic

Market your book via video promotion. Our book trailer employs techniques similar to those of traditional movie trailers.

Teaser $1,299

15-30 seconds

Book video trailer in logline angle

TAT: 5-10 business days

Preview $1,999

60 seconds

Book video trailer in summary angle

TAT: 10-15 business days

Full $2,599

2-3 minutes

Book video trailer with elaborated synopsis

TAT: 20-25 business days

Add-ons and Revisions:

30-Second Voice Over Add-On $749
Change Background Music $109
Cinema-Compatible Conversion (per 15 seconds)$99
Revisions $179
Distribution (15 channels) $179

Book Video Trailer Animation

Your book comes to life via its transformation to full animation. Complete with storyboard and script, your book is rendered in motion graphics and high-definition video.

Standard $4,599
No Voice-Over $3,999

Extended $5,599
No Voice-Over$4,999

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