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Build your book with our prime publishing service. Customize your package by ticking on the services of your choice.
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1. Editorial

Depending on your manuscript's editorial assessment, you may be recommended to add other editorial services.

2. Word and Page Count

If your book has more than 2000 words, the price may increase up to $300.

3. Trim Sizes

For multiple formats, please choose only one (1) trim size.

4. Format

Mininum of 1 Print Copy
Mininum of 1 Print Copy
Mininum of 25 Print Copies
Mininum of 500 Print Copies & Maximum of 50 PagesPlease contact us for bulk ordering pricing
All formats come with ISBN and Copyright registration.

5. Cover

Template-based covers have one (1) round of free revision, while fully-customized has two (2).

6. Interior Layout

Simple and advanced layouts have one (1) round of free revision, while fully customized has two (2).

7. Imagery

Copyrights of author-submitted illustrations and images must be owned by the author and must undergo and pass Story Evaluation.


Illustration Color:

Illustration Level:

Illustration Size:

Enhanced Photos


Illustration - Spot
Illustration - Full Page
Illustration - Full Spread
Enhanced - Spot
Enhanced - Full Page
Enhanced - Full Spread
Enhanced - None
Estimated Price:

Please wait for a call within 48 hours. If you wish to talk to a publishing and promotions officer now, call 1800-5390-988 or e-mail at info@ameliabookcompany.com.

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