5 Story Ideas for Kids That Give Magic to Your Book

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When you visit the children’s section of a bookstore, you’ll probably see dozens of children’s books in the shelves, all wanting to be noticed and read.

What makes these books thrive in the bookstore shelves? How do they draw a young reader’s attention, enough for them to be taken home and be read during bed time?

story ideas for kids

When you’re on your way to writing a children’s book yourself, the following story ideas for kids will help you get started.

lessons learned with friends

Values and lessons learned with friends

Children love doing things with their friends. They play together, eat together, discover new things together. Their peers are their closest unit next to their families. So when young readers see a children’s book about a group of friends learning about new values and lessons, there’s a chance that it will catch their attention.


Overflowing imagination

Overflowing imagination

If you take the time to talk to kids for a few minutes, or watch them as they doodle with their colorful crayons on a paper, you will find that creative imagination is there. A flying cow, anyone? What about a singing cantaloupe? An exceptionally happy or bitter melon?

Imagination is your overflowing well of story ideas for kids.



For a kid who’s still starting to discover what life is all about, everything is an adventure. That’s why young readers will always enjoy reading about it. It doesn’t even have to be a real adventure story with quests and dragons and princes. It can be everyday activities that children often find challenging, like crossing the street or watering the plants. It can also be about fun things like going to the zoo or building sand castles in the beach.

Learning kids storiesLearning

You can bank on children’s curiosity over everything. You can take this chance to write about themes and concepts that can widen their knowledge, such as the alphabet, shapes, new vocabulary, numbers, or colors. Paired with vibrant, engaging illustrations, these teaching tools can both generate stories for kids that captivate and educate young readers.

Something familiar

You might have been looking everywhere for ideas of story for kids, but it might just be within your reach—especially if you have a kid of your own. Look for something familiar that kids enjoy doing, eating, making, and voila! You have yourself a children’s story.

Something familiar

Ideas are everywhere. It often helps to close your eyes, imagine yourself as a kid again, and ask, “Now, what do I want to read?”

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