Top 5 Reasons Why Publish a Book

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You probably have a story you want to share. Any little bit of story worth writing is a story worth publishing. Why publish a book? Toni Morrison said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”


Every story needs to be shared. To let the world experience something through words, stories must be heard. Why publish a book? Honestly, why not? Self-publishing is common nowadays. And where better to self-publish your book than at a company that cares for its writers and readers?
Amelia Book Company is committed to publishing the stories worth sharing—and every story is worth sharing. If you’re still second guessing if you should publish your books, here are the top five reasons you need to know.

1. Earn what you deserve

We write books to be able to share stories to the world. We publish them so our stories can be read. But we also do so to generate income out of our writing efforts. After all, you deserve the reward for your hard work. More often than not, most traditional publishing companies only give you a small percentage of your book’s earnings. When it comes to self-publishing, you earn from what you’ve worked for.

2. Getting published sooner

As much as most people like taking their time, we also don’t want to waste our time. Waiting for about a year to get your book published might be too long. When you publish on your own, it gets released to the public as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait for long-time approvals and edits and whatnots. Once your manuscript is ready, it goes to the printers right away.


3. Target audience

When we write something, we know exactly what we are writing about and who we are writing for. Some traditional publishers try to change the essence of your book and give you something they think will sell. Amelia gives you the opportunity to reach the people we think would enjoy your books.

4. Marketing

When we self-publish, we also market the book ourselves. Amelia Book Company hosts strong marketing services that aid your strategies to make your book available for both online and offline readers. Do you already have the marketing platform? Good! Let’s bring them closer to your target market with our help.

5. Take control

The best thing about self-publishing is that you enjoy freedom of your work. When you self-publish, all matters—from content to cover—are within your control.

These are just some basic reasons on why publish a book and why publish your children’s book with Amelia. But the final decision is still up to you. We, at Amelia Book Company, are here to help and provide the services you need for your children’s book.

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