Why Write Books for Children?

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5 Marvelous Pieces of Advice from the Best Children’s Book Authors

Think of Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, and E.B White. They are some of the most notable authors who not only shared wonderful stories but also offered valuable messages in their children’s books. From poems, tales, illustrations, their works taught kids simple yet profound lifelong lessons that will resonate among its readers for generations to come.

But why do you think they want to write for children?

We’ve compiled some of their quotes that may help us understand why you should write a children’s book too.

Why Write Books for Children

1. Writing a children’s book gives a sense of fulfillment—a valuable accomplishment that is worth bragging. To keep children’s love for reading is one reason alone that can make you fall in love with creating a children’s book. As Dahl believes, when you write, you inspire a generation of young readers to dream and wonder.


2. Be these books silly or serious, you get the chance to squeeze your creative prowess. As you become a children’s book author, you give your best to make your work clear and unique to capture children’s attention. You will learn the importance of words, of a single picture, or a simple message that may stay with their lives forever.

why write book for children books silly or serious


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3. Writing for children may be difficult but it surely is fun and exciting. You will enjoy the delight and the thrill that you once felt in your childhood—you become a child again. And this in itself makes writing for children more satisfying.

Writing for children

4. Reading books at a young age helps kids develop their language and listening skills. Children’s books stimulate imagination and can expand children’s understanding around them. Through poems, illustrations, and songs, you help shape their view of the world.

kids develop their language and listening skills.

5. Share a story and kids will likely learn that reading can be fun too! And this will make learning easier and enjoyable.

Share a story and kids will likely learn that reading can be fun too!

Other reasons why you should write a children’s book:

  • Your titles can be sold for film adaptation.
  • You may share your expertise in talks and seminars.
  • You have a wide market, such as schools and libraries.

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