Overcoming the Common Challenges When Writing a Children’s Book

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What’s difficult about writing a children’s book?

Writers face challenges every day. It’s one thing to write a book and another to write a children’s book. The latter has a different set of audience, thus it requires a different level of writing.

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What’s the most difficult thing about writing a children’s book? The following are some of the most common challenges that writers of children’s book face and the solutions to help overcome them.

Unique, Attention-Grabbing Ideas

Before you write your story’s dialogue, you need to have your characters. Before you sketch your characters, you need to develop a plot. And before you come up with a plot, you need to have that single amazing idea that will be the start of everything. It needs to be specific, specially catered to your young target market.

Unique, Attention-Grabbing Ideas

If you are a first-time author, it might help if you get some inspiration from the children’s book author you look up to. What makes his or her books special? Of course, you will have to come up with your own style eventually, but this is one way to keep those ideas flowing.

Writer’s Block

Probably the sneakiest, most recurring enemy of every writer. One of the most common methods to deal with writer’s block is to get away from the stress. Do something different. Get some breathing space and clear your mind. This method does not always work, but it may lead you to a solution or activity.


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Getting a Publisher

One option to getting a good publisher is to peddle your children’s book to available publishing houses in your area or even in the neighboring cities. Another is to enter self-publishing and become an active participant in the production of your book. Once you’ve decided for the latter option, all you have to do is to publish your children’s book the way you want your story to unfold in pages. From intricacies on cover to illustrations, publishing houses will make things easier for you, but self-publishing will give you all the credit and profit.

Book Marketing

Book marketing is another hurdle to overcome when you’re a children’s book author. With thousands of titles out in the market, you will only see a shelf or two in bookstores that feature children’s books.

Book Marketing

Whether you published with a publishing house or self-published your children’s book, you will still need to work hands-on with the marketing of your book.

This is grueling work, especially if you do not like interacting with people, but it will eventually bring in more profit and recognition for you and your children’s book.

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