Why Writing Children’s School Psychologist Guide Book Matters

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There’s a growing demand of professionals, kid’s school psychologists and counselors to assess students with dire special needs. No, we’re not talking all about academic growth, but minor and major problems related to mental health issues in kids. That even outside the school walls, crime and violence is still prevalent, especially in cases such as cyberbullying.

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As more kids are in grave danger, you have to make an immediate action. Writing a children’s school psychologist guide book is one great step to prevent critical issues early on, to help your fellow psychologists execute their roles effectively as well. Since a school psychologist wears too many hats, too many roles.

The Diverse Roles of Being a School Psychologist

Some roles of kids’ school psychologists include as consultant, assessor, and counselor. One thing that keeps it more challenging is how to figure out what approach you need to help students learn easily and provide appropriate interventions. From consultation to prevention, they face struggles that—even with their knowledge and experience—they can’t seem to handle well enough. Honestly, it’s not an easy profession, as your responsibility is far greater due to the number of students you have to manage and keep track.

So here are the reasons why a book survival guide for school psychologists can help them evaluate struggling students and assist more kids.

A Wake-Up Call for Parents and Students

Mental illness and other form of psychological disorders are serious issues that may affect individual’s growth and even family relationship. By providing extensive information about these illnesses, parents will understand its threat to their kids. A book, brick-by-brick, builds a strong foundation of awareness toward school and different community, that they may not be easily trampled in ignorance when these problems may occur.

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Since books are accessible in school library and local bookstores, parents and students can also apply the insights and some advice written in the book. Moreover, writing a school psychologist’s survival guide or school guidance counselor manual is an attempt to lessen student’s stress struggles, both in school and in their home.

By Psychologists, For Psychologists

As a school psychologist, you ought to know that some teachers need some reliable insights to understand their student’s stress response and certain mental illnesses. The same goes for your fellow school psychologists, they don’t rely only on their expertise. But they also read articles, books, research studies on guidance and counseling, to learn new strategies for today’s generation. With the advent of internet, school “gatekeepers” should help hand in hand and share effective approaches and methods in their everyday challenges.

Not only these books can inform, but also help teachers and counselors to rethink, cope, and update their programs or response fitting for a certain kind of student. Even though there are available research studies on this matter, a book written by psychologists—from his/her own experiences—for a fellow psychologist can be relatable and inspiring.

Reach Out, Prevent and Intervene Further Crises

Violence, homicide, suicide, and among others, life is always at stake when a student’s mental health condition worsens. You’re never quite prepared, and part of your role is to deal with these crises. Although you’ve studied and mastered these cases, theories are far more different from the reality. And you have to tell everyone what they need to do if they don’t know what to do—this time, you have to write.


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