Infographic: Where to Start when Writing Your First Children’s Book

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A wonderful children’s book never wears out nor does it fade away. The cover and pages may wane, but the story and color will always stay.

Creating your first children’s book but don’t know where to start? Here are easy steps to help you get started with writing your first children’s book.


infographics - writing your first childrens book


Make Magical Ideas Come to Life with These 9 Must-See Steps to Writing Your First Children’s Book


1. Know the “whys.”

Why write a children’s book? What message will you offer to your young readers? Are you passionate at what you do? Why?


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2. Who’s who in the market?

Check the age bracket of your target readers first. There is a plethora of factors—toddler, baby, picture books, among others—that you have to consider beforehand to illustrate and write a book.

3. Start with a familiar idea.

Love dogs? Start with that. Combine your favorite hobby or passion into writing, and each chapter will burst with color and life.

4. Keep it warm and fuzzy, but deep and simple.

A children’s book is a mixture of creativity and imagination, of an everlasting message that fills the young soul with love and kindness.

5. Don’t stop at first draft—continue to second, third, fourth, and so on.

Revision is the bread and butter of a great manuscript. You have to keep on writing and revising.

6. Ask for some honest-to-goodness feedback.

Find someone who can dissect and inspect your craft. Never disregard feedback; these are gifts in disguise that will help refine your work.

7. Revisit and revise the checked draft.

Done with the first revision? Don’t let your guard down yet. Scrutinize each word, each color, each voice, and review them one last time.

8. Explore every nook and cranny of publishing.

How and where can I publish? Do a thorough research. Join a community, ask questions, and read related articles. Place the fate of your book on the hands of one you completely know and trust.

9. Submit and put the pen down.

Find the right format and send a copy of your manuscript together with a brief cover letter. You’ve done a great job. Relax for now and celebrate.



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